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10 Ways to Sneak Exercise into your Daily Routine

10 Ways to Sneak Exercise into your Daily Routine

We have said it before, and we will say it again: exercise and physical activity cannot be something only done a few times a week—you must be active throughout the day, every day.

Do you catch yourself constantly giving the excuse that you just don’t have any time to work out? We understand that you are busy, but there are many ways that we all can incorporate fitness into our everyday routine. Here are a few ideas on how to be a little more active all day long:

1. When you wake up, do some stretches in bed! And then again before you go to sleep at night. It is great to get the blood flowing first thing by waking up to a little yoga, and it can also be a great way to relax after a long day.

2. Stretch while you shower! Luxuriating in the warm water while waiting to rinse your conditioner? Do some arm stretches or touch your toes

3. Turn your commute into a workout! Leave the car at home and walk, run, or ride a bike to work if you can – especially if the weather is nice. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs! If you eat out for lunch, walk to the restaurant.

4. Work out right at your desk! Sitting at a computer can be extremely hard on the body, but there are many different ways you can work out while sitting. Tone your legs or work out your whole body! Set a timer and every time it goes off, get up and stretch. Too self-conscious to get up and move around while at your desk? Incorporate exercise in a more subtle fashion by upgrading to a standing desk or trading out your chair for a stability ball.

5. Always get up and walk around or stretch while you are talking on the phone!

6. Stuck at home doing housework? Put on your favorite music, step up the pace and see how fast you can get all the chores done! All that bending, stretching, pushing, and lifting looks suspiciously like a workout!

7. Exercise while vegging out in front of the TV or playing on the internet! Get in some crunches during the commercial break or try this couch potato workout!

8. Make social time exercise time! Instead of going to see a movie with your friends, go for a hike or go play frisbee in the park. Meeting for coffee? Walk to the café.

9. Play with your children (or pets)! Kids and animals have seemingly boundless energy – if you try to keep up with them while they frolic you may find yourself sweating in no time! Instead of just walking your dog, alternate between jogging and walking. Play tag with the kids or grab a ball and play a round of your game of choice.

10. Find a hobby or something that you love that forces you to be active. Try your hand at gardening or perhaps try some of those DIY crafts that you have been meaning to get around to. If you are doing something that makes you happy, you won’t even notice that you are getting exercise!

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