Core Strength Part 2: Core Exercises and the WellShell
January 25, 2017
Core Strength Part 1: What is the Core?
January 25, 2017

CES Las Vegas 2016

The first day of the show kicked off a little quieter than usual this year – possibly due to the weather in Las Vegas. Rainfall and fog forced flights to be delayed and even canceled during some of the busiest in-bound airline traffic days of the year for LAS. Our President and Co-Founder, Philo Northrup even had his flight canceled and had to drive down to Vegas from Reno. Listening to the chatter of the crowds, this was a great topic of conversation.

Philo had the opportunity to be a speaker at the 2016 Fitness Tech Summit as a member of the panel for Sitting is the New… He was joined by Pete Schenk, President of LifeSpan and Ann Scott-Plante, Vice President of Product for Weight Watchers to discuss Combating the Digital Lifestyle – how technology is contributing to us becoming more sedentary and how technology can help us to become more active.

We were also quite honored that John Draper, perhaps more well known as Captain Crunch stopped by our booth again this year to say hello and try out the WellShell!

If the first day was a little slower, the second day made up for it. The Sands Expo was packed with people and the WellShell was very well received. DYI Network stopped in and filmed a lengthy interview with TAO’s new Executive Vice President, Paul Green about TAO Wellness. Philo demoed the Wellshell to a large group of gentlemen from the French car company Renault.

Later in the day, the Travel Channel even stopped in to interview us about how the WellShell can benefit frequent airline travelers!

This year we unveiled a brand new TAO game for the WellShell called TAOFly, our new Corporate Wellness System, and the TAO Chair technology that we debuted at CES 2015 integrated on an office chair.

The crowds on the third day remained steady and we were all getting all bit sore from our steady workout with the WellShell while demoing! As always people had a great time competing against each other with our multiplayer game SUMO or working out with our TAO Variobics App! Our Executive Vice President, Paul surprised us all with a special treat – delicious TAO themed brownies made by his sister, proprietor of Veronica’s Treats!

By the fourth and final day we were all sad to see it all end. We had a wonderful team this year and a great reception from everyone who stopped in throughout the week to give TAO a try.

It is always truly amazing how fast an event of this magnitude comes down when it is over. Just two hours after CES officially closed, most of the booths had been at least partially disassembled, the tech packed up, and the people dispersed. The bustling energy and excitement of the event hall transformed into a ghost town of boxes, mimicking in some ways the nature of the technology industry – here today, gone tomorrow.

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