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Getting Activ at #CES2017


We just wrapped an amazing #CES2017 where we debuted the activ5 to the world. We talked to thousands of attendees, demonstrated hundreds of workouts, got our pump on and nursed some tired muscles – all while enjoying a surprisingly cold week in Las Vegas.

One of the best parts of my job as CEO of Activbody is to show people how to use an activ5 for the first time. It’s always incredible fun to demonstrate the activ5 to people because when they first see it, they’re curious and highly skeptical that it can give them a real workout, but as soon as they try it, their eyes open wide and they love it. The typical response after a demo is, “I want one – how do I get it?”

Many people have heard about isometric exercise, but few people know much about it or have any idea how much of a muscle workout isometrics can give them in just 30 seconds. I love to ask people to do a chest fly with the activ5 for 30 seconds. In most cases after just 15 seconds people’s arms are beginning to shake and they’re breathing heavily. Because activ5 calibrates to each individual’s strength, every workout with activ5 is challenging. After a minute of using activ5, almost everyone is a believer.

Activbody is a technology company focused on fitness, and although the activ5 isn’t strictly speaking a “wearable,” Activbody was exhibiting this year in close proximity to all the major wearables companies. The wearables space continues to evolve on several fronts: first, wearables are getting beautiful – this CES saw the launch of at least 40 new smartwatch designs that look almost identical to traditional watches. Many people see watches as jewelry or fashion accessories and these people will no doubt welcome trackers that are functional and look great.

Second, wearables are pushing beyond monitoring steps, heart rate and sleep and are beginning to track gym workouts and even more body metrics, such as blood pressure. High-end trackers now come with their own GPS as well. Third, there are now trackers for everyone – yes, for your kids, of course – but also for your pets.  We often look after our pets better than we look after ourselves, but now owners can worry over whether Fido is getting his 10,000 steps in or sleeping less than 12 hours a day!

Where activ5 sets itself apart from trackers is that it isn’t passively tracking your workout, it’s actively engaging with you in the workout – coaching you and helping you to achieve your goals. It’s something we call “bio-engagement.”

Beyond trackers, this CES was certainly a show about the Internet of Things. I saw smart pillows, smart hairbrushes and even smart coffee cups. In a very crowded “smart things” market, we are thrilled to offer a product that people and the press love. We share all the great press we’re receiving as well as daily facts and tips on how to maximize your health on our social media channels so please follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @activbodies.

We’re just four weeks from shipping the activ5. If you’d like to be among the very first to own one, please place your order here.

Activbody Team

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