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January 25, 2017
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January 25, 2017

Rock Health Summit

Last Wednesday we were honored to be invited to demo the WellShell at the Rock Health Summit in San Francisco. Rock Health is a company that “exists to fund and support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology.” Basically they work to bring companies that exist on the leading edge of the health technology sector together with top professionals in the medical industry.

Rock Health invites only a handful of products to demo to their audience of health professionals, so it was a great honor.

The WellShell was received with great enthusiasm! From the very opening of the event we were swamped with people wanting to try it out and we stayed steadily busy throughout the event. The doctors especially liked our app which explained the Variobic exercises, all core-based. The core part is important because that’s what counteracts the issues related to too much sitting.

Many of the attendees flew to the event, so they were eager to get a WellShell so they could exercise from the airplane seat. They were excited to hear that the WellShell will be available for purchase soon.

People recognized that there is really nothing like us in the field and were very interested in the corporate fitness and medical possibilities.

This event was also a great opportunity to meet other companies in our field and we had some great conversations about the potential for working together in the future. That was really what this event was about – complimentary technologies coming together to improve global health.

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