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Yoga Poses to Combat the Ill Effects of Sitting: Seated Exercises

Yoga Seated Exercises

Yoga Poses to Combat the Ill Effects of Sitting: Seated Exercises

Do you get home after a long day of sitting at work with an aching back?

We have talked about the serious negative health effects of sitting in our earlier blog post “Sitting is the Enemy” which you can read here. Of course, the best way to combat these ill effects of sitting is by getting up and moving throughout the day, but sometimes that is just not an option.

One of the best ways to combat this pain after the fact is by stretching. Doing even just 20 minutes of yoga per day can have a profound and almost immediate effect on your aches and pains. Ideally we would recommend taking some time in the morning and at night to stretch out your body, but even sneaking in just a few minutes here and there can make a difference.

Here are some great yoga stretches for back pain (pictured below in order): Downward Dog, Half Pigeon Pose, Mountain Pose, and Cat Cow Pose. To see more beneficial poses and a complete description of each, read the original article here.

As we explained in our earlier post, sitting all day over extended periods of time can actually shorten your hip flexors, which will negatively impact posture, increase lower back pain, and restrict mobility on the whole. Here are some stretches to open your hips back up. See the full list here.

Stretching daily has some other added benefits too! In addition to loosening up your tight muscles, yoga (and other forms of isometric exercise) will also build strength over time. Greater muscle mass will increase metabolism and your body will burn more calories throughout the day. Thus, just fitting in a few minutes of yoga everyday can aid weight loss, strength building, flexibility, and decrease pain!

Sounds worth it right?

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