Who Is Activbody?

Activbody is a technology company based in Southern California that focuses on fitness and health.

We aim to make the world healthier by making exercise fun and convenient. We create technology solutions that allow people to exercise anywhere while tracking, guiding and entertaining them.

Activbody was born out of a desire by our founder, Dr Kosta Yanev, to create exercise solutions that could help him fit regular exercise into his life. The demands of work, family and travel made it difficult for Kosta to regularly attend a gym, and he wasn’t satisfied with any of the portable fitness solutions that he tried because they didn’t allow for flexible exercise routines, often felt dangerous and didn’t track or record his progress.

Out of this frustration was born the idea for the Activ5 and the belief that many other people would benefit from access to this unique exercise system.

We unveiled an early prototype of the Activ5 under the name Tao Wellness at CES in 2014 and launched a Kickstarter campaign shortly after. After several years of further hardware and software development, we’re ready to share the Activ5 with you.

Our offices are in Orange County, California and we have team members in Bulgaria, London and Paris. We’re fortunate to have some of the smartest and creative people we know on our team, and we’re united by our dedication to making the world a more Activ and healthy place.