Dr. Kosta Yanev

Our Founder

Activbody was born out of founder Dr. Kosta Yanev’s desire to create fitness solutions that could help him integrate regular exercise into his daily life. The demands of work, family and travel made it difficult for Dr. Yanev to regularly attend a gym, and the fitness products he tried weren’t truly portable or flexible, so he invented Activ5, a pocket-sized smart device that enables you to get a full body muscle workout virtually anywhere in just a few minutes. Today, Activbody is “actively” growing to share Activ5 with consumers and health professionals, with team members in Southern California, Bulgaria, London and Paris.

Our Focus

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Casual Fitness

Activ5 is fitness innovation ideal for everyone from working professionals who sit all day, to travelers, seniors, busy moms or simply those who find it challenging to fit in daily activity.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can now track their patients’ compliance and progress by analyzing data gathered during their PT sessions or at-home exercises. Therapists can measure force used by the patient’s injured area, customize workouts based on the patient’s strength level, and set goals to help them recover efficiently and effectively.

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Wellness Programs

Activ5 helps prevent childhood obesity, promotes independence and vitality with seniors, and provides employees an easy way to work out their muscles, even while sitting at their desks. Wellness managers can track progress through the Activ5 Dashboard.

Our Exercise Platform

Isometric exercise is safe, efficient and with Activ5, now trackable. Isometrics are a type of low-impact strength training where the angle of the joints and muscle length do not change during contraction – for example, as with a plank. Scientific research has shown that isometric exercise is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build strength, tone the body, and increase metabolism to stimulate healthy fat burning. Independent studies conducted with Activ5 have proven to deliver an average strength increase of 30% over 6 weeks exercising just 15 minutes per day. Activ5 enables users to do 5 minute isometrics-based workouts in seated, standing and advanced yoga/Pilates positions while tracking their exercise and workout performance.