Do you have a blog? You may have been wondering how to improve traffic or turn you blogging hobby into a source of income. It’s a tempting idea, but it can sometimes be more difficult than people imagine, and increasing hits and revenue are always exciting prospects.

The Activ5 affiliate program could be part of the solution. The affiliate program can increase your blog or website exposure, while improving the lives of your readers and visitors. It’s an exciting program, so be sure to explore our website so you learn more about how the program works and how you and your fanbase or customers can benefit.

Activ5 & Fitness Equipment

Activ5 Affiliate Program

Activ5 benefits your body. Join our Affiliate Program and benefit your bank account.


Why Be an Activ5 Affiliate?

Activ5 makes it easy to exercise anywhere, anytime. We make it easy for you to earn commissions by directing traffic from your website or blog.

We also make it easy for you


Activ5 Affiliate Benefits

Earn 12% commissions on all orders directed from your site

  • Membership is free
  • We supply you with creative assets that will get results
  • Access to all of our latest promotions
  • We help you with tips on how to optimize and increase your earnings
  • Feel great about selling a product that improves peoples’ fitness

Activ5 Affiliate FAQs

How do I join the program?

It’s easy. Apply directly through ShareASale – joining is free. Once your site is approved, you simply add our banners to your site and post links. You start earning commission with each sale that is directed by your site.

How does Activ5's Affiliate Program work?

Our approved affiliate partners earn commission on any sale referred by Activ5 banners and links posted on their sites.

Who can be an Affiliate?

As long as your site is based in the U.S. and/or Canada, and has a valid URL and email address, you can become an affiliate. Activ5 has the right to review, reject or accept any application for any reason.

How much does it cost to become an Activ5 Affiliate?

How does “free” sound?

What is the commission rate?

Our commission rate is 12% paid quarterly. High-volume affiliates may be eligible for higher commission rates.

How do I get Activ5 banners and links?

As soon as ShareASale approves your site, you will have access to a creative library of current banners and links.

I have a few more questions. How do I get in touch with you?

Just email us at affiliates@activbody.com.  We’d love to hear from you!