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Like most people, the lack of time, not only ambition, is the number one reason why our team doesn’t exercise enough… But we tried the Activ5–a strength training device to address these issues that combines technology, exercise science, and behavioral science to make workouts fast, fun and effective!

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Activ5 is a sleek and portable wireless-enabled handheld device + smartphone app which coaches users through quick 5-minute full-body workouts and measures data such as strength, precision, and other personal metrics.

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The Activ5 Isometric Fitness System is just plain and simply….REVOLUTIONARY! It’s not a wearable. Rather, it’s a whole new way to think about working out, one that’s efficient, quick and something you can do anywhere, anytime. How’s that for convenience. Ultimately, it’s a new and fun way to get fit without the gym travel-time or a lengthy workout routine.

Activ5 isometric workout device review

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The Activ5 handheld system, by Activbody, is a portable isometric workout program that can be used for 5 minute (or longer if you choose) workouts at home, at the office, or while traveling. I’m a fitness junkie, so I was more than excited to give this a try! Let’s take a look…

Activ5 is a portable fitness device that works with a mobile app to give you short workouts throughout the day

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Using the Activ5 device, you can exercise whether you’re at work, at home, or even while traveling.

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Activ5 helps everyone get healthy no matter your age of fitness level.

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Activ5 for portable isometric exercise
The Activ5 gives you the benefits of a full gym but in a portable workout device that fits in your pocket. The Activ5 and its mobile app coach you through low-impact isometric-based workouts in as little as five minutes each day. The durable device measures up to 250 pounds of pressure, meaning you can tone and strengthen many muscles in an array of exercises.

Through the app, workouts – the device enables more than 50 isometric exercises – are personalized to your fitness level. Exercise summary screens track your progress. The Bluetooth-enabled device has a six-month battery life. Visit Activ5.com.

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If you sit at work all day, this device might be right up your alley. This fun little pod fits in the palm of your hand and is used in conjunction with an app to coach you through five-minute workouts that you can do either sitting or standing. It’s a great way to break up your day, especially if you’re feeling that afternoon slump start to set in. The device focuses on isometric exercises, which are movements where you tense your muscles against a non-moving object — so think more barre workout and less treadmill sprints. You’ll definitely be challenged, but you won’t be pouring sweat if you decide to try this out in the office.

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Strengthen Anytime, Anywhere
Activbody has created Activ5 as a means to strengthen your muscles whenever you have a spare moment. It’s a stone shaped device that I had to squeeze between my palms to measure my strength, and then a personalised game was set for me to hit targets on the app.

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Activ5 is ideal for those who are just starting a fitness routine or who struggle to find enough time to go to the gym each day. With the help of the app, users are coached through a variety of five-minute full body workouts while precision, strength, and other metrics are tracked. The device can be customized according to individual strength levels.

Activ5 Review

Fitness Junkie • March 2017

If you are just hearing about this new fitness product called “activ5” you aren’t the only one. This fitness training product is quickly spreading and gaining popularity. There really isn’t anything else quite like it on the market, I love the innovation this company has brought to the fitness app world! I’m here to give you the inside scoop on what activ5 is and what it can do for you!

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Activbody Reveals Activ5 Strength Training Device

Ubergizmo • Jan 3, 2017

[CES 2017] The new year would bring with it opportunities to start afresh as well as anew. For many of us, this would mean taking the fight to the hilt in the battle of the bulge, especially around the waist area. Well, what other possibilities are there, and can technology aid us in our quest? Apparently so, as Activbody has revealed the Activ5. The Activ5 happens to be the very first wireless-enabled, isometric-based strength training device which will help you save on that gym membership, as it coaches you through 5-minute, low-impact, full-body workouts.

Activ5 Portable Isometric-Based Device + App

Fitness Gizmos • Jan 4, 2017

Meet the Activ5: a portable isometric-based device with an app that lets you get a workout anywhere. This wireless device coaches you through a strength training routine. You can perform toning moves from sitting and standing positions. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Activ5 – Activbody Hand-Held Workout Exercise Anywhere Device?

Supplement Police • Jan 2017

If you’re like most, you have trouble getting your daily workout in and instead, you find yourself practicing a sedentary lifestyle that leads to weight gain and an array of health issues. Instead of continuing with the low-quality lifestyle, the alternative approach is to try a new product on the market that can make it easier for you to get an effective and quick workout in at any time and from anywhere.

The ActivBody Activ5 Is on Display at CES 2017

Trendhunter • Jan 3, 2017

The ActivBody Activ5 is a small device that accurately measures pressure, allowing people to break up their sedentary days with short and fun exercises. The cellphone-sized gadget connects to a smartphone app and coaches users through five-minute workouts five times a day, helping people to improve their strength and precision without having to spend hours in the gym.


CES 2017: innovative fitness gadgets​ to improve your health this year

Yahoo News • Jan 5, 2017

Health and fitness company Activbody unveiled their inaugural product at CES 2017, the first-of-its-kind, isometric-based strength training device Activ5.

Designed to tone the body and enable users to work out anywhere, anytime, the Activ5 uses isometric exercises which build strength in static positions such as sitting or standing so users don’t have to move around too much.
The device is also both small and portable, making it perfect for traveling and working out out on-the-go, with exercises that are easy to do, low-impact, and work the whole body in just 5 minutes.