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Activ5 Game Developers

Infinite Software

Based in El Salvador, the award-winning team at Infinite Software has worked on high profile games, mobile apps, and web projects for domestic and international clients.

Their games include the very popular Elude!, Creep Jump, Polygon Dash, and more.

Press Start Studios

Based in San Francisco, CA Press Start Studios has been focusing on cross-platform games since 2011. Their debut indie game, Doña Gloria el juego, saw over 200,000 downloads.

The PressStart team includes international talent and works mainly on mobile apps and games.

PinPin Team

PINPIN TEAM design video games that entertain kids as well as parents.
PinPin has been publishing games and mobile apps in partnership with major media partners, cultural centers, museums and international brands for kids.

Their broad portfolio includes Vikings, Pyro Jump, Playpop, and more.

Based in Paris France, the team has won international accolades and industry awards since 2009.