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March 6, 2019
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Activ5 Exercises to Do While Playing Video Games

Gamers – especially eSports athletes – need to stay fit. Because any serious gamer, professional or otherwise, will tell you that long hours of gameplay causes more than a mental toll. People aren’t meant to sit for hours at a time like gamers do, which is why according to some studies, gamers experience real physical strains. That means just like other athletes, they need to build endurance and take care of their health.

So how can busy gamers keep themselves in good shape without throwing off their game? And how do you find the perfect exercises to do while gaming?

Luckily, the Activ5 Training App is gamified, with an interface designed to motivate you through a dozen immersive themes, beautiful graphics, discrete objectives and goals.

But as an added bonus for our gaming fans, we also decided to curate a one-of-a-kind workout featuring Activ5 exercises they can play anytime, anywhere. And if you don’t have the Activ5, we also threw in some awesome modifications for those don’t have the device yet. So if you’re ready, your next objective is to boost your ‘HP’ without losing out on ‘EXP’, so hit the “start” button and let’s go!

How to Make Custom Workouts with the Activ5 Training App

  1. Click on an individual exercise
  2. Click on the star in the right hand corner
  3. Press the star icon on the main bottom menu
  4. Then go to the exercises tab
  5. Voila, your custom workout awaits!

Woman squeezing the Activ5 together with her palms to perform isometric chest press.

Chest Press

Guess what? You don’t need to leave your gaming chair or living room couch to get fit, because this chest press is one of the best exercises to do while playing video games.

  • From a seated position, hold the Activ5 between both hands in a prayer position
  • Make sure you’re holding the thickest part with the heels of your palms
  • Don’t cross your fingers
  • With your elbows in 45° angles, press into the Activ5 while squeezing your chest muscles

Chest Press Without an Activ5

  • From a seated position, hold your arms in a prayer position
  • Make sure your arms are bent at around a 90° angle
  • Slowly, squeeze your chest and hold for 5 seconds

Sneaker shoe pressing down on Activ5 with graphics to perform heel raise isometric exercise.

Calf Raise

Get the ultimate HP boost with this simple, but sculpting exercise you can do from any seated position.

  • From a seated position, place the Activ5 beneath the ball of your left foot
  • Press the Activ5 into the floor with the ball of your left foot
  • Lift your heel and squeeze your calf

Calf Raise without the Activ5

  • Sit up straight on a bench or chair
  • For resistance, place a weight (like a barbell, dumbbell, or weight plates) on your thighs
  • With your left toes on the ground, lift your heels and hold for 5 seconds
  • Switch to the right foot

Sneaker shoe heel pressing down on Activ5 to perform isometric toe raise.

Toe Raise

Never skip leg day again with this intense, but super quick workout you can do anytime, even mid-game.  

  • From a seated position, place Activ5 under your left heel
  • Press the device into the ground as you squeeze your shin muscles
  • Make sure your toes don’t touch the ground

Toe Raise Without an Activ5

  • Sit up straight on a bench or chair
  • While holding on to your seat, hold a small dumbbell in between your feet
  • Then, raise your toes and hold for 5 seconds

Woman with Activ5 on left fist and right palm pressing down on device for isometric hammer curl.

Hammer Curl

This classic exercise was remixed to make it even more efficient and low-impact–great for the busy gamer looking for a quick workout.

  • From a seated position, hold your left elbow by your side, bent at a 90°
  • Place the Activ5 on top of your your left fist
  • Put your right palm on top of the Activ5
  • Squeezing your left bicep, press the Activ5 up with your left fist and down with your right palm
  • Reverse hands

Hammer Curl Without an Activ5

  • Sit up straight with a dumbbell in each hand
  • With your elbows by your side, slowly curl the dumbbell while contracting your bicep
  • Make sure your upper arm is completely still
  • Stop when the dumbbell reaches shoulder height, then hold for 5 seconds
  • Slowly release
  • Repeat with your right arm

When to Work Out

Take it from us: isometrics are the perfect exercises to do while gaming. These amazing workouts take seconds to complete and require as little equipment as possible. If they wanted to, someone could complete a workout every day just by sneaking in an exercise or two during cut screens and loading times. They’re absolutely perfect for the fit gamer that needs a quick workout without having to trudge all the way to the gym. Just don’t be fooled by the quick run time–a few minutes of isometrics a day will tire you out.


And to try more exercises to do while gaming–download the Activ5 Training App for Android or iOS now for over a hundred isometric workouts, plus our two exercise games: Activ Sumo and Activ Fly.

Fun, engaging, and addictive, Activ5 Sumo and Activ5 Fly are designed to give you personalized, full-body workouts without you realizing it. Download Activ5 Sumo on the App Store or Google Play and Activ5 Fly on the App Store or Google Play to join the fun.

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