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Activbody™ aspires to make the world healthier with fitness and health technologies designed to make exercise convenient for all while monitoring muscle development. Its cornerstone product, Activ5, allows anyone at any fitness level to exercise virtually anywhere through five-minute full body workouts, all while tracking, guiding and even entertaining them. Activ5 is ideal for everyone from professionals who sit all day, to senior citizens, hospitalized children, or physical therapy patients. Activ5 is the first of its kind to provide isometric workouts and monitor user progress through its Companion App.


Activ5 – A Bluetooth-enabled, handheld isometric-based strength training device that, along with the Activ5 Companion App, coaches users through five-minute full body workouts and measures data such as strength, precision and other personal metrics.

Activ5 Companion App – Enables users of any age and fitness level to achieve the benefits of strength training with ease. The Activ5 App (available on iOS and Android), personalizes workouts to each user’s fitness level, tracks their progress, and can be utilized as a preventative tool for Alzheimer’s disease, muscle atrophy, and even indicate potential for injury.


This device and app can be a huge asset for the following verticals:

  • Corporate Wellness: Activ5 provides employees an easy way to work out their muscles, even while sitting at theirdesks. Companies can incentivize employees through the Activ5 Challenge, which is a specially designed programavailable with the Activ5 Companion App that coaches users through three, five minute unique workout sets per day.
    During independently run studies,1 2 participants in the Activ5 Challenge increased their upper body strength by an average of 30 percent, and generated 32 percent more lower body muscle activity than squats, 50 percent more than a treadmill workout and 55 percent more than indoor cycling. These results demonstrate that Activ5 users can obtain demonstrable health improvements with just 15 minutes of daily use.
  • Senior Wellness: According to the National Institute of Health,3 isometric exercise training may improve vascular integrity and play an effective role in the management, delay of progression, and even prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Through its low-impact exercises, The Activ5 device offers seniors an easy way to maintain their muscles, while The Activ5 App can be used to monitor for early signs of Alzheimer’s, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and other vascular risk factors.
  • Children’s Hospitals: Activ5 offers children bedridden in the hospital a fun and engaging way to avoid muscle atrophy, which can occur in as little as 72 hours. The Activ5 App personalizes workouts and allows them to exercise, even while lying in bed. Through entertaining games such as Activ5 Sumu and Activ5 Fly, designed by independent gaming studios, children will have fun and maintain muscle strength at the same time.
  • Physical Therapy: Today, physical therapists commonly monitor a patients recovery through a subjective 1-10 pain scale and observing the patient during a series of exercises. With Activ5 and its Companion App, physical therapists can now track their patients progress by analyzing data gathered during their PT sessions or at-home exercises.
    Therapists can measure force used by the patient’s injured area, customize work-outs depending on the patients strength level, and set goals to help them recover efficiently and effectively.

Where to buy:

Activ5 is available online at www.activ5.com and www.amazon.com

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Activbody, Inc.
4435 Eastgate Mall, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121

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Sarah Domurat
Sr. Director Global Marketing
(760) 703-5687

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[2] “Electromyography Muscle Activity: A Single Activ5 Exercise vs. Treadmill Workout, Indoor Cycle, Squats, Lunges and Abdominal Crunches”. Eddie Gaut, Detaug Testing Center. December 2016.

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