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Activbody™ aspires to make the world healthier with fitness and health technologies designed to make exercise fun and convenient. Its cornerstone product, Activ5, allows anyone at any fitness level to exercise virtually anywhere through five-minute full body workouts, all while tracking, guiding and entertaining them. A handheld isometric-based strength training device, Activ5 is ideal for everyone from working professionals who sit all day, to travelers, seniors, busy moms, students or simply those who find it challenging to fit in daily activity. Along with the Activ5 Smartphone Companion App an effective, yet challenging and quick isometric workout is always within reach. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!


Based in Southern California, Activbody (formerly TAO-Wellness) was born out of founder Dr. Kosta Yanev’s desire to create fitness solutions that could help him integrate regular exercise into his life. The demands of work, family and travel made it difficult for Dr. Yanev to regularly attend a gym, and available fitness solutions he tried didn’t allow for flexible exercise routines. Today, Activbody is “activly” growing to share Activ5 with the world, with team members in Orange County, Bulgaria, London and Paris.


Activ5 – A wireless-enabled, handheld isometric-based strength training device that, along with the Activ5 Companion App, coaches users through five-minute full body workouts and measures data such as strength, precision and other personal metrics. Additional details include:

  • Durable design that measures more than 200 lbs. of force to help users increase strength by as much as five percent per week, and effectively tone and strengthen muscles through short, five-minute workouts a few times a day.
  • Uniquely customizable to every user’s strength level.
  • Portable, so anyone can get toned, build strength and stay active during the downtimes in their day, whether at home, work or when traveling.
  • Bluetooth®-enabled with 6-month battery life.

Activ5 Companion App – Available on iOS and Android operating systems, the Activ5 Companion App features more than 100 seated, standing and advanced fast and fun low-impact workouts, enabling users of any age and fitness level to achieve the benefits of strength training with ease. The Activ5 App personalizes workouts to each user’s fitness level, tracks progress and allows users to exercise while playing games such as Elude, Creep, Jump, Polygon Swap, Rocko Jump, and Color Dash, designed by independent gaming studios.

Activ5 Challenge – The Activ5 Challenge is a specially designed, six-week program available within the Activ5 Companion App that coaches users through three, five minute unique workout sets per day to achieve one’s fitness goals. During independently run studies,1 2 participants in the Activ5 Challenge increased their upper body strength by an average of 30 percent, and generated 32 percent more lower body muscle activity than squats, 50 percent more than a treadmill workout and 55 percent more than indoor cycling. In addition, 63 percent of weight lost was pure body fat, taking up to 2.75 inches off waistlines in just six weeks. These results demonstrate that Activ5 users can obtain demonstrable health improvements with just 15 minutes of daily use.

Isometrics 101:

Isometric exercise is a type of low-impact strength training where the angle of the joints and muscle length do not change during contraction – for example a plank. Scientific research has proven that isometric exercise is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build strength, accelerate fat burning and tone the body3 4 5 6 7 – in fact, five minutes of isometric exercise can be equivalent to 25 minutes of gym-machine exercises.8 Studies show the benefits of isometrics include: increased energy, lowered blood pressure, weight loss, boosted endurance, reduced pain, as well as bad habit relief (such as smoking), among others.9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Medical studies have further revealed that fractionalized exercise can deliver all the results of longer workouts while contributing to heart health, overall well-being and reducing the risk of disease, such as diabetes.

Where to buy?

Activ5 is available exclusively online at www.activ5.com

HQ Address?

Activbody, Inc. 65 Enterprise Suite 180 Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656

On the Web

Website: www.activ5.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/activbodies

Twitter: https://twitter.com/activbodies

Media Contact

Megan Young Rachel Kay Public Relations (929) 243-1688


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