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    Activbody Sport Bottle


    Stay hydrated while you workout with the Activbody Sport Bottle! Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Make sure you replenish frequently especially while working out.

    • 25 oz so you have plenty of fluid on hand
    • Easy-to-carry top handle
    • Straw for easy drinking; no need to remove lid
    • Fits most car cup holders
    • Leak proof
  • fitness device

    Activbody Fit Grip


    Many people overlook the importance of having a strong hand grip! A strong hand grip can benefit everyone from the average person carrying groceries to athletes looking to up their game. Work in some sets of exercises with the Activbody Fit Grip to strengthen your fingers, wrists and forearms. Great to include during arm exercises!

    • Easily adjust to different levels of resistance
    • Increase finger, hand, wrist and forearm strength
    • Work out entire hand or each finger individually
    • Ergonomic handle for comfort
    • Simple, quick, portable and effective
  • Foam Roller

    Activbody Foam Roller


    Like a massage for your muscles! The Foam Roller is an important tool to incorporate into your health regimen. This versatile piece of equipment is great for stretching after exercise, physical therapy and rehabilitation. It helps to:

    • Release muscle tension points
    • Soothe sore muscles
    • Improve mobility, flexibility, and range of motion
    • Prevent injuries
    • Get a deep self-myofascial release
  • Yoga Exercise

    Activbody Exercise Mat


    Cushion your back and body with the Activbody exercise mat! Ideal for exercises such as core strengthening, yoga, pilates, stretching, etc. The 12-panel design allows for compact storage and expands when ready to use.

    • Sticky, high-performance grip
    • Folds up for easy carrying and storage
    • Provides padding when doing floor work
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable
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    Activ5 Fitness Towel


    It’s easy to break a sweat with our 5-minute workouts! The Activbody premium workout towel was made to dab off sweat and for covering the floor or mat when doing exercises that require you to lie down.

    • High quality microfiber
    • Soft
    • Light-weight
    • Absorbent
    • Quick-drying and odor-free
  • Activ Fitness

    Activ5 Mobile Stand


    Keep your hands free to exercise with the Activbody Mobile Stand! Simply set your phone or tablet on the Mobile Stand to follow along with our exercise guide.

    • Foldable for compact storage
    • Adjustable kick stand for different angles
    • Curved lip to prevent phone/tablet from sliding
    • Durable construction
    • Universal for virtually all mobile phones and tablets
  • Activbody Accessory Packages

    • Exercise Mat
    • Foam Roller
    • Fit Grip
    • Sport Bottle