Love this!
By Bonnegrl on April 10, 2018

It’s a low impact way to be healthy. The latest updates (hands free, instructions) have made this more useable. But now I want to share my stats easily on social media.

Love it
By Jizzymos on Oct 25, 2017
Since transitioning from military, it has been hard finding the time to workout with ferry transits and my MBA. This device is amazing.

By Shiwei Huang on June 28, 2017
Excellent workout. After just 2.30 mins I’m perspiring like mad.

By Gail VORKA on April 18, 2017
Nice interface, works well with my phone, although, I’d would like for it to let me know when I’ve finished the exercises after the 5 min, so I don’t repeat them accidentally.

By Peter Gerson on April 5, 2017
Really getting a work.out in the office. Takes a little getting used to but worth it.

By Dawn Wilsey on February 22, 2017
Just what I have been looking for, something quick and easy to use.

By Tereska Bella on February 18, 2017
Great for those of us with sedentary jobs! Helps keeps our buns more like steel… instead of the flat, lumpy cushions we sit on all day!