What is Activ5

Activ5 is a portable workout device and mobile app that coaches you through low impact, isometric based workouts in as little as 5 minutes per day.

Five Minute Workouts

Activ5 exercises are fast, fun workouts that keep you active throughout the day.

Tone Your Body

Activ5 provides full body toning from both sitting and standing positions and tracks your results.

Increase Strength

Reap the rewards from Activ5’s more challenging isometric workouts designed to increase strength by as much as 30% over 6 weeks.

Stay Active Everyday

Activ5 keeps you moving throughout the day with short 5 minute workouts and optional reminder alerts.

Feel Good.
Live in Balance.

Low Impact Exercise

Activ5 coaches you through no impact, full body isometric workouts.


Short 5 Minute Workout

Activ5 workouts are designed around fractionalized exercise, providing short burst workouts to keep you active throughout the day.


Gamified Workouts

Workouts just got fun. For the first time ever, play casual games while getting fit! Download our library of Activ5 games and start exercising. With Activ5 you won’t even know you’re exercising.



Upper Body
A strong upper body improves posture and overall endurance. Activ5 works your entire upper body with over 60 exercise routines.

Lower Body
Don’t let sitting at a desk “stand” in the way of a lower body workout. Activ5 exercises your lower body in both standing or sitting positions.

A strong core is essential to every day tasks such as bending, lifting, twisting and carrying loads. Your core muscles are vital to balance and back health, too. Activ5 exercises strengthen your core, giving you more power for sports and every day tasks

 Challenge Results

The Activ5 Challenge is a specially designed, six-week program available within the Activ5 Companion App that will coach you through three, five-minute workouts per day.


14% Increase in Strength
Lost 8 lbs of Body Fat
Lost 2 inches Off Waist


70% Increase in Strength
Lost 8 lbs of Body Fat
Lost 3 inches Off Waist


Maintained High Strength
Lost 6 lbs of Body Fat
Lost 3 inches Off Waist


19% Increase in Strength
Lost 4 lbs of Body Fat
Lost 2.5 inches Off Hips


88% Increase in Strength
Lost 5 lbs of Body Fat
BMI Dropped from 22 to 20

This Could Be You!

Take the Activ5 Challenge and you can be the next success story. Increase strength and lose weight today!

*In an Activ5-sponsored 6 week study, subjects experienced an average increase in strength of 30.04%, an average weight loss of 3.07 lbs., an average body fat mass loss of 1.9 lbs, and an average midsection circumference loss of 1.05 inches. All participants followed the Activ5 nutritional guidelines. Results will vary.

What They Are Saying

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Activ5 on CNN

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Watch as CEO Leo Griffin gives a demonstration on how to use the Activ5 device.

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