Kosta Yanev


Kosta Yanev is the inventor of Activbody’s exercise system and the company’s founder. Kosta is a nuclear physicist and holds a PhD in computer science. He has worked at CERN in Switzerland and has founded and launched numerous successful businesses including FTSAM (airport development), Great Bear (GTBR), Company for Energy Saving (JV with RWE – Germany), DONTNOD Entertainment (Paris), Shibuya Productions (Monaco) and now Activbody.

Dan Stevenson

Chief Executive Officer

Dan brings more than 25 years of technology and eCommerce expertise to his role as CEO of Activbody. Armed with a vision to expand Activbody’s mission to make the world a healthier place through fitness and rehabilitation technology, Stevenson is driving the company’s trajectory of rapid growth into new channels globally.

Prior to joining Activbody, Dan held leadership roles at companies spanning from start-ups to Fortune 500 brands, including Apple, Sony, Gateway and VSP Global. Stevenson earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS from Purdue University. A former competitive long distance runner, Stevenson unites his passions for fitness and technology under one roof here at Activbody.

Angel Vassilev

Chief Product Officer

For over 8 years, Angel has been ActivBody’s co-inventor and product leader, contributing through vision, ideology, product conception, design and implementation management. On this course, he has lead our R&D team to a Best of CES nomination and our recently launched program with the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team, introducing ActivBody into the world of high-performance athletics and sports.

Before starting with ActivBody, Angel spent 17 years at the intersection of humanities and technology, over products as diverse as video games and airport designs. One such product is espresso, that he introduced to the company in the self-proclaimed capacity of Chief Espresso Officer, and co-founder of the ActivBody Espresso Club. This product is still subject to rigorous tasting and perfecting…

Mike Hershkovitz

VP, Global Sales & Marketing

Mike leads Activbody’s global sales and marketing team. Mike brings more than 20 years of experience developing and executing sales strategies for large international corporations in various industries, including medical devices, healthcare, software, finance and telecommunications.

Prior to joining Activbody, Mike built and led high-performance sales teams and managed business divisions in companies, such as Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, QualiTest Group, Excedo Ventures, Improve Comikaza and Taldor. Mike earned a B.A. in Management and Communication from The College of Management Academic Studies in Tel Aviv, and an M.B.A. from The Coleman University in San Diego. When he’s not moving product, he’s on the move chasing his two kids around.

Dan Furey

Senior Director, North America Sales

Dan blew into San Diego by way of the Windy City. With almost 20 years of sales experience behind him, Dan brings significant sales and prospecting experience to our team. Having a heavy background in medical sales has set Dan up as an expert at expanding territory base business and identifying new growth opportunities here at Activbody.

Dan joined us highly decorated with honors and awards such as Americas Sales Person of the Year, Global Sales Person of the Year and Highest Territory Revenue Increase Americas, just to name a few. His latest superlative; most organized desk. Dan earned an MSC from Northwestern University and a BA from Xavier University. When he’s not selling Activ5’s, he’s selling his 5 year old son on the idea of eating vegetables.

Ludmil Kalaydjiyski

Senior Director of Engineering & QA

Ludmil has over 26 years of engineering experience working for ALSTOM UK, Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks, Keysight Technologies, Anite Telecoms, and Activbody. Ludmil has been working for Activbody in the area of portable fitness devices in the last 7 years. He is responsible for Technical and QA supervision of the full product life cycle for the Activ5 Strength Training Devices: from requirements to production, all engineering, quality, process and test activities, including manufacturing stage, and management of device Certification. Ludmil is also responsible for managing end-to-end Quality Assurance for all Company products.

Ludmil has a PhD in Computing and BEng degree in Automatic Control. He has experience in the telecommunications and power electronics industries, including mobile networks, RF & system testing, software development, and real-time systems. When he’s not behind a screen or two, his hobbies include weight training and swimming.

Michael Price

GM, Activbody U.K.

Michael is our GM across the pond. He has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, international sales and marketing in the electronics, consumer electronics, wireless technology and IT markets. For the past 16 years he been a partner in P&P Business Development that provides business development consultancy services to clients that range from large global technology companies to SME’s and start-ups.

Michael has held board level positions with four companies. He has been mentoring CEO’s of Edinburgh based companies as part of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce mentoring program for the past 4 years. He holds Masters and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Economics. In his free time he enjoys going for a run or attending a classical musical concert.

Yoshi Kobayashi

GM, Activbody Japan

Yoshi has 20 years of experience in the dental and medical industries as a marketing director, sales manager, and product management lead of diagnostic imaging devices, including cone-beam CT, digital radiography and imaging software. As Activbody Japan’s lead, he is focused on driving sales and marketing of Activ5 as a senior wellness solution in Japan.

Jon Tait

Director of Operations

Jon is a talented multitasker as he leads both logistics and customer care at Activbody. Previously, Jon took a family business from a garage to national retail distribution, where he ran operations and sales. He also served as chief of staff for a private investor. Jon is a South Dakotan who earned a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Economics and Finance. When he’s not fulfilling Amazon POs, Jon enjoys boxing, hiking, camping and stock trading.

Sarah Domurat

Senior Director of Global Marketing

Sarah is the head of our marketing department at Activbody and is super passionate about advocating health and wellness on a regular basis. She’s made successful contributions in a number of physical therapy, athletic training, and wellness roles.

With advanced degrees in exercise, nutrition and dietetics, she has had the opportunity to merge her background with her business skills to become a highly accomplished marketing and product management professional. Sarah is a SoCal native with an excellent carbon footprint as she likes to commute to the office by bike.

Brittany Cavallo

Marketing Coordinator

Brittany supports our marketing efforts at Activbody and is the President of our office espresso club. She is the pillar for our promotions and campaigns yet finds time for coffee bean quality control. Additionally, her love for travel coincides with her trade show support and global marketing groundwork.

With a little under a decade of experience working for several different agencies and brands, Brittany is both creative and adaptable to all industries. She earned her degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. As an East Coast transplant, Brittany is happy to pay the sunshine tax and enjoys working from the office patio.

Takashi Hironaka

Product Manager

Takashi is an experienced and dedicated Product Manager leading the development of both software and hardware products. Taskashi’s trifecta of competencies includes leadership, product development life cycle, and customer focus development. Originally from Japan, Takashi earned his Master of Science degree at the University of Southern California and now holds 25 patents! After almost 17 years at Sony, this certified scrum master has joined Activbody. Outside of the office you can find Takashi running, biking and building Star Wars Lego models.

Kristal Yu

UX/UI Designer

Kristal is our ambidextrous UX/UI designer. Kristal’s background in cognitive science gives her unique insights into human perception and interaction which helped her become an analytical and empathetic designer. She is passionate about using design to solve problems and create user-centered products to improve lives. She was born and raised in the Golden State, where she earned her degree from the University of California, San Diego followed by a quick stint in Chicago.

Allie Pompeo

Office Coordinator

Allie straight up runs the office here at Activbody. She knows her way around a Trello board and has a keen eye for K-Cup selection. As a SoCal native, she evidently enjoys being outside year-round and partakes in activities such as hiking & traveling. Allie graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Communications. She’s been working with beauty & wellness brands since 2015, gaining experience in a variety of fields such as marketing, PR & event coordination. Her passion for fitness, nutrition and wellness coincide with who we are; making her the ideal head of our quarters.