Workout anytime you’re at home, watching TV, talking on the phone, and before or after work.


Get in short burst, 5-minute workouts at your desk and during your lunch break. You will feel more energized throughout your day.

Callibrate to Your Strength Level

After you download the Activ5 Training App, it walks you through several easy-to-do exercises and customizes to your unique strength levels – no matter your age, fitness level, or athletic ability!


If you travel, Activ5 is the perfect companion. Workout in your seat without disturbing your neighbor!


Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t get an intense workout. Skip the hotel gym and continue to track your progress using your Activ5.

Track Your Exercise & Workout Results

Once Activ5 is calibrated, the app coaches you and tracks your stats for every exercise and workout. You can watch your progress, stay motivated, and get stronger and leaner faster than you ever thought possible.

Activ Seniors

Whether you’re an active senior or need assistance in your daily routine, Activ5’s zero-impact exercises are easy on your joints. You will get stronger and increase your mobility, bone-density, balance, and range of motion.

Fitness for
All Ages

Activ5 workouts safely increase strength so your young athletes can hit the ball farther, run bases faster, and throw the heat like never before!