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Activ5 is a portable workout device and mobile app that coaches you through low impact, isometric based workouts in as little as 5 minutes per day.

Home, Work, On-The-Go

gamified workouts

Five Minute Workouts

Activ5 exercises are fast, fun workouts that keep you active throughout the day.

isometric exercises

Tone Your Body

Activ5 provides full body toning from both sitting and standing positions and tracks your results.

exercises while sitting at desk

Increase Muscle Strength

Reap the rewards from Activ5's more challenging isometric workouts designed to increase strength by as much as 5% a week.

fitness technology

Stay Active Everyday

Activ5 keeps you moving throughout the day with short 5 minute workouts and optional reminder alerts.



Portable Fitness Device

Portable fitness device that fits in your pocket
Durable form factor measures up to 250 pounds of pressure
Tones & Strengthens Muscles
6-Month Battery Life with AAA Battery
Bluetooth enabled
daily exercise routine


Mobile App

Workouts personalized to your fitness level
Enable over 50 isometric exercises
Exercise summary screens track your progress
  • It's the only fitness gadget that you can actually work out with.

    -Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, MEN'S HEALTH

  • ... a tiny gym in your pocket

    -Dylan Tweney, VENTUREBEAT

  • allows you to work out anywhere


  • A product designed for busy people trapped in sedentary lives.


  • A perfect fit for road warriors and desk jockeys alike.


build Muscle Strength

Feel good.

Live in balance.

Low Impact Exercise

Activ5 coaches you through no impact, full body isometric workouts.

Short 5 Minute Workout

Activ5 workouts are designed around fractionalized exercise, providing short burst workouts to keep you active throughout the day.

Gamified Workouts

Workouts just got fun. For the first time ever, play casual games while getting fit! Download our library of Activ5 games and start exercising. With Activ5 you won't even know you’re exercising.

Use your downtime
as exercise time.

Personal Fitness

Activ5 personalizes every workout based on your individual goals and fitness level. Everyone from college athletes to senior citizens will enjoy and be challenged by Activ5.

Mobile Dashboard

The Activ5 App will track your performance results, as well as remind you to stay active throughout the day.


Activ5 is portable, so you can exercise anywhere, anytime. Its like having a tiny gym in your pocket.


Isometric exercise has been practiced for over 5,000 years and is the foundation of both yoga and pilates. What distinguishes isometrics from other forms of muscle exercise is you tense your muscles against a static object (such as the floor) or against other muscles, so your joints are static.

You may not be moving, but scientific research has proven that isometric exercise is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build strength, burn fat and tone your body.

Because Activ5 isometric exercises are discrete and static, you can perform them at your desk, while watching TV, or on a plane, making powerful health-transforming workouts available to you anytime, anywhere.

Activ5 offers over 100 workouts ensuring you can always find the perfect workout, wherever you are. Activ5 coaches you to vary the pressure exerted during each exercise rep, building muscle control and turning each rep into a game .

Activbody workouts are based on fractionlized exercise, or working out in short bursts throughout the day. Medical studies have shown fractionalized exercise can deliver all the results on longer workouts while contributing to heart health, overall well-being, and reducing the risk of disease, such as diabetes.

Activbody Isometrics are fast, fun workouts that make you stronger and toned, enabling you to burn calories faster and keep you active throughout the day.


Upper Body

A strong upper body improves posture and overallendurance. Activ5 works your entire upper body with over 60 exercise routines.

Lower Body

Don't let sitting at a desk "stand" in the way of a lower body workout. Activ5 exercises your lower body in both standing or sitting positions.


A strong core is essential to every day tasks such as bending, lifting, twisting and carrying loads. Your core muscles are vital to balance and back health too. Activ5 exercises strengthen your core, giving you more power for sports and every day tasks


  • blood pressure

    Lowers Blood Pressure

    Isometrics have been proven to reduce systolic blood pressure better than aerobic and resistance training in some studies. - Mayo Clinic

  • weight loss

    Aids In Weight Loss

    Isometrics shown to decrease body fat. In a test group, subjects lost an average of 18.5 pounds after 4 weeks -Annals of Biologic Research, Journal of Applied Research

  • save time

    Saves You Time

    6 minutes of isometric activity is equivalent to a 30-35 minutes gym work on commercial weight lifting equipment. -Journal of Applied Research

  • reduce overall pain

    Reduce Overall Pain

    Older adults experience significant reduction in pain following several different intensities and durations of isometric contractions. -American College Sports Medicine (ACSM)

  • reduce back pain

    Reduce Back Pain

    Isometrics reduces pain and increases vitality among women with low back pain, with effects lasting at least 9 months. -Journal Physical Health and Activity

  • improved range of motion

    Improve Range of Motion

    Isometrics have shown to improve shoulder range of motion, both non operative and post operative. -Current Orthopedic Practice

  • quit bad habits

    Quit Bad Habits (Smoking)

    Brief isometric exercise provides immediate relief in the desire to smoke. -Human Psychopharmacology Journal

  • build stronger muscles

    Get Stronger and Bigger Muscles

    Isometrics has been shown to increase muscle bulk, upper lower body strength and bone density. -Journal Clinical Hypertension

  • benefits over aerobics

    Benefits Over Aerobic Exercise

    Stretching and aerobic exercising alone have proven to be a less effective form of training than isometric strength training. -Journal American Medical Association (JAMA)

  • high endurance

    High Endurance Exercise

    Metabolic changes from a 30 second isometric contraction of the quads is similar to those of 30 seconds maximum sprint. -Journal of Physiology

  • increased stamina

    Improve Stamina

    Isometric strength training can have beneficial effects on performance during endurance events. -European Journal of Applied Physiology

  • combat osteoperosis

    Combat Osteoperosis

    Isometrics increases mineral density of injured bones and prevents reduction of bone density. -Journal Facility of Medicine